The Gold Eyes.

De basis van onze Jan Aarden The Gold Eyes duiven, is een broer van de Dolle, 5 kinderen van De Dolle zelf en 2 kinderen van De Lange van Mary van Geel.
Deze zijn gekruist met de fenomenale duiven van de Gebr. van Zelderen, Aalsmeer, met de basis duiven van Piet Lazeroms, Jan Cools.
De Dolle won 2 auto,s op de Nationale Fondvluchten in 3 weken. Later won Vlekje, een bloedverwant ook een auto op een National vlucht.
De Dolle behoort bij de beste kwekers die het ras Jan Aarden heeft voortgebracht. De bijzondere kenmerken zijn toch wel de fabelachtige ogen die ze bezitten.
We zijn nog elke dag blij dat we destijds aan deze duiven konden komen.
Kijk bij de foto,s van  kwekers/breeders om deze duiven te zien.

b02e5289c830b1d8030The “Dolle” NL-67-2052951

The “Dolle” is the most famous Jan Aarden pigeon of all times. Thanks to its outstanding performance and particular stock value the “Dolle” had become the best long-distance pigeon in the world. It may no doubt be looked upon as the bird that stood at the basis of the Jan Aarden strain of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The number of proven aces with “Dolle” blood running through their veins is tremendous by now. The “Dolle” died in 1985 – eighteen years of age – at the Van Geel loft. It was a typical Jan Aarden pigeon with beautiful chestnut-brown eyes and silksoft feathers; characteristics which were passed on by the bird to its offspring.
In 1975 the “Dolle” was transferred to the stock loft and destined to stay there. Meanwhile it had won a car for its owner and built up an impressive roll of honour. During its career the “Dolle” was basketed 17 times and consequently won 17 prizes in long-distance races.
The most important results of the “Dolle” are :

1st Provincial St. Vincent 1.684 pigeons 980 km
3rd National St. Vincent 6.844 pigeons 980 km
1st Provincial Dax 1.032 pigeons 970 km
3rd National Dax 3.649 pigeons 970 km
9th Provincial Limoges 1.610 pigeons 650 km
12th National St. Vincent 6.917 pigeons 980 km
20th Provincial Chateauroux 2.176 pigeons 580 km
22nd Provincial Chateauroux 2.425 pigeons 580 km
39th Provincial Moulins 5.146 pigeons 590 km
59th Provincial Moulins 4.612 pigeons 590 km
66th National Dax 3.561 pigeons 970 km

The “Dolle” was bred out of two pure Jan Aarden pigeons via Ligtenberg and Van Agtmaal, both from Steenbergen. The father of the “Dollle” was H61-145676, named the “Ligtenberg”.


“Vlekje” N-81-8152434

There can be no doubt about it that “Vlekje” was one of the most prominent pigeons of the Van Geel strain and a pearl in international pigeon sport. “Vlekje” was a dream and the prototype of the modern Jan Aarden pigeon. It was a very versatile bird with all the good characteristics of the Jan Aarden strain. As a racing bird and a stock bird it was a phenomenal and invaluable pigeon. This was evident from his winning the car in 1984 and 2nd national Dax. Later, as a stock bird, he became famous as the father and grandfather of many superior pigeons which excelled in the marathons of the skies.
A few references :
In 1988 Martha van Geel won the 1st Bergerac of the heavy South West District Union Long Distance Race out of 2.488 selected racing pigeons from West Brabant. The victorious “Bergerac Hen” was a direct daughter of “Vlekje“.
In 1977 as well, the Kuypers Brothers from Neer won a car in National Dax. Their winner was bred out of a halfsister of “Vlekje”. On his father’s side “Vlekje” himself was inbred after the “Dolle”, which won the car in National St. Vincent. On his mother’s side “Vlekje” was a grandchild of the very “Dolle”. Winning cars thus seems to be a characteristic of “Vlekje” ’s pedigree.
More over, “Vlekje” very much looked like the “Dolle”. Primarily concerning colour, but also as far as character is concerned. Self-willed, energetic and dominant on the loft like the “Dolle” used to be.
Those characteristics together with excellent performances as a racing pigeon and stock bird made “Vlekje” of the Van Geel strain into the most wanted long-distance pigeon in the world. Large sums of money were offered for “Vlekje” many a time, but this bird was not for sale.
In the total auction of all the pigeons at the Van Geel loft in 1989, “Vlekje” was sold for a hughe amount of money to Masarella in the United Kingdom.
The father of “Vlekje” was NL79/1445731, named “Vader Vlekje”, father of the worldfamous “Vlekje“, the car winner of Dax 1984. He was bred out of the “Blauwe Witpen” x the “Barcelona Hen”. The “Blauwe Witpen” was a pure inbred “Dolle” product and the “Barcelona Duivin” descended from the line of the legendary “Spin” of the late Jef van Wanroy.
“Vader Vlekje” not only became father of the car winner of Martha van Geel but also grandfather of the car winner of the Kuypers Brothers from Neer. A very valuable stock bird !
The mother of “Vlekje” was NL80/8009225, named “Dochter Dolle 25“.
She fled from the loft in 1984 never to return. She was the daughter of the legendary “Dolle” himself and, unfortunately, never got the chance to prove how excellent she was. Producing a car winner, however, is ample proof of her class : no more is needed. The mother of the “Dochter Dolle 25” in 1986 won the 68th National St. Vincent out of more than 10.000 pigeons.

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