We have 4 grandchildren of the world famous Red Bullens. They are in this moment 12/3/2020 paired with each other, and getting youngters.
Also we have 40++ grandchildren of the famous Olympic Marathon pigeon Den Rooie Duuk, THE GRFTR OF RED BULLENS NOW FROM GERARD KOOPMAN,  HE WON:1E NPO AFD.3  BERGERAC 2011 + 2E NPO AFD.3 BORDEAUX 2008 + 2E NPO AFD. BERGERAC 2010(RESP.4288,5038,4651 PIGEONS IN RACE). The 2e Olympic pigeon, Cat. Big Fond/Marathon Dortmund 2009.
Den Rooie Duuk is the grandfather of the Red Bullens.
Next round we paired them with the grandchilren of the Red Bullens.
It is possible to order the youngsters.